Elm Sawhorse Table

This post is about the the making of an elm sawhorse table. Tonight I had some time to start a table made from the elm I milled last year. It was one 2.5" thick slab that I split down in half to make 1" thick pieces. I think the legs will be saw horses again, but since this table is for fun, the legs could be anything.

As a material, Elm is unlike anything else I've worked with. It's incredibly strong, easy to carve and shape, but not brittle or dense. Most if all it's beautiful. So far it's my favorite wood.


20131014-233129.jpg I got back to working on the sawhorses that will be the base of this table this week. The legs tilt out and and away at 7 degrees. I like this better than the 15 degree sawhorses I made last year which had a larger footprint and were not any more rigid than these.



20131030-184755.jpgElm Table Before finish