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Elm and Pepperwood Credenza


About a year ago I heard from a friend that her pepper tree had died in her backyard and that she and her husband wanted to do something with the wood. I sent over an arborist who cut the tree into slabs, they were placed under their house to dry, and I explained that it takes about a year for every inch of thickness to dry, so we would have to wait awhile to make a table. I also told them about some experiments I’d been doing, allowing wet wood to warp and deform as it’s inherent tension would create, and using those odd elements in traditional furniture. They were all for it. The materials of this piece are Pepper Wood, Elm, Ebony and Epoxy.IMG_6698.JPG IMG_6699.JPG IMG_6713.JPG IMG_6709.JPG IMG_6711.JPG IMG_6700.JPG IMG_6701.JPG

Walnut and Steel Credenza

This walnut and steel credenza was made for Rhodium Group, a consulting firm that specializes in market and policy research related to climate change. I suggested a graphic of CO2 emissions to illustrate the scale of the emergency. The graph is from 1800 to 2013. The patina on the steel top and sides is an imaginary landscape that is only visible while standing directly above or in front of it. From a distance it disappears.